Thursday, September 24, 2009

Krum Sirakov (Крум Сираков)

Krum Sirakov (Крум Сираков) is a 23-years-old singer from Bulgaria, born on August 15, 1986 in Sofia (София). He's currently appearing as a contestant on a TV program called VIP Dance, which seems to be similar to "Dancing With The Stars" except that a) they compete in teams of four and b) Krum seems to perform nearly every dance shirtless. The site has videos of his dances, but they're extremely slow loading, at least for me, so you might be better off viewing the videos via the Google Video Search interface. You can see more images of Krum in this foto album.

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Krum Sirakov

Some links to help you get to know him:
Bio (in English), plus fotos and videos, from
Official site from Apa Music -- includes some downloadable high-resolution images here
Krum Facebook page with a nice, long biography (in Bulgarian; use Google Translate to read it)
A post (in English) on the forums about Krum which includes some delicious, gay-related gossip (see quote below)
Krum's entry in Уикипедия -- that's Wikipedia to you and me
VIP Dance Отбор 5, another Facebook page

There are far more articles describing Krum as a cheating homosexual bitch though. Some say he slept with Kamen Vodenicharov, MM's owner, to become a singer. According to another gossip article, Miro [Миро] (probably BG's biggest non-chalga singer right now, although produced by another chalga company) and Krum were sexfriends and regularly had bisexual orgies, but recently broke ties. The two of them had a duet song in which the text might be interpreted as a gay-love song between the two (or it could be that they are both singing to the same girl? doubtful). Another article finds Miro drinking a lot of alcohol mourning for his break-up with Krum. More gossipers say, that the two had a decent gay affair, but Krum cheated on Miro by going to bed with some very rich businessman, which caused Miro to kick him out of their appartment.

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